Vivid Racing Affiliate Program

Are you a Social Media Influencer, have a strong following on YouTube or a Blog, and LOVE all things with a motor?

Then we want you to join the Vivid Racing Affiliate Program!

How does the program work?

The Vivid Racing Affiliate Program (VRAP) is a way to earn some seriously good money promoting aftermarket performance products you are passionate about. As a partner in our VRAP program, your job is to simply link your followers, subscribers, or readers to our website with the provided affiliate link. For each successful sale, we pay you a commission. Not only are you helping others by directing them to one of the best parts websites on the planet, you are earning extra income to fuel your passion!

To apply to the VRAP program, simply fill out the form below on this page. The VRAP is not open to everyone. We want to make sure we have true enthusiasts as part of our family that we are proud to represent, and they are proud to promote us. 

Why should I become an Affiliate?

Our Affiliate Program is currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.