What is Weapon-R?

Weapon-R is a well-known manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for a number of popular makes and models. It is focused on performance products that will improve the power of your vehicle which, in turn, make the car an even greater joy to drive. Weapon-R parts are, oftentimes, considered to be some of the most unique, highest performing, and best looking in their class. With more than a decade of experience in building go-fast parts for speed demons, Weapon-R has garnered a respectable name of itself. Its products are popular among enthusiasts who crave effective performance without breaking the bank.

What Does Weapon-R Offer?

As aforementioned, Weapon-R is primarily known for its quality, high-performance intakes. At the forefront of its inventory is the Weapon-R cold air intake. The proper air intake will allow your engine to breathe better and get a lot more air at better temperatures. This, in turn, provides better fuel economy while also improving vehicle acceleration. Each individual Weapon-R part is built with a specific vehicle in mind and crafted from only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.

While Weapon-R is best known for its air intake kits, the brand has been building other performance-enhancing parts for many years. Its racing headers are a popular close second and have been well-received for some time now as an effective means to increase exhaust flow and provide notable horsepower and torque gains at an affordable price. 

Weapon-R’s lineup also includes intercooler pipe kits for an existing turbo and intercooler. This will help guarantee your turbo is receiving the coolest air possible, while attractive wider aluminum pipes allow for higher airflow.

Find Weapon-R Parts at Vivid Racing

While your vehicle may already be fun to drive and have loads of power, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t improve it. Vivid Racing has what you need to heighten that performance with a wide selection of quality parts from Weapon-R. We have everything from catted downpipes, headers, and cold air intakes to short ram intakes, intake manifolds, and intercooler pipes. If you cannot find a particular item above or have any questions, please call our specialized parts team at (480) 966-3040.