Who is TEIN, INC?

When it comes to aftermarket tuning parts, Japanese made products have become one of the most popular and in demand manufacturers in the automotive industry. When upgrading vehicles, it is not enough to just work on your engine. To fully enjoy and have that memorable experience driving your vehicle, you also need to upgrade your suspension parts. There are a number of brands available in the market but there is one name that stands out and that it TEIN.

TEIN, INC. is a Japanese manufacturer of high-performance suspension parts for several Japanese and European vehicles. It prides itself in providing “driving pleasure” to its customers with products ranging from street to competition and rally/circuit racing applications. Founded in 1985 and based in Japan, TEIN USA has established itself with an incredible R&D facility and staff to help handle the vast tuner market. Today, TEIN is considered as a premiere brand when it comes to aftermarket shocks and is recognized all over the world.

What Does TEIN Manufacture?

TEIN has developed a number of different coilovers utilizing their racing experience. They cover everything from drift, road, rally, and street driving. TEIN’s most popular coilovers include the Type Flex, SS, and CS. TEIN also manufactures lowering springs for customers that crave a better look and improved handling with the stock struts. The STech springs are favored by many street drivers and have proven to be very successful.

It’s important to note that all rates, valving, ride height, and adjustability were chosen specifically for local (U.S. & Canada) road conditions and consumer demands. That being said, their coilovers offer adjustments which allow you to tailor the suspension settings to your driving style and tire compound.

Why Choose TEIN Suspension Parts?

TEIN produces ideal suspension systems for consumers looking to gain quicker and better responses when driving freely through turns. With its quality suspension products, your vehicle will hold the road much better and the difference will be immediately evident. The aggressive suspension lets you drive with more confidence and you can look forward to attacking the next unexpected turn with ease. TEIN suspension systems are all highly durable and boast superior performance results. The quality of TEIN’s sport suspension products confidently withstand the high demands of any race track.

Best of all, TEIN suspension products are some of the most affordable suspension parts on the aftermarket. This means you'll have more money for stick tires, camber arms, and more power mods! TEIN achieves this without sacrificing quality, ensuring you get the best bang-for-buck! Whether its a daily beater, a showcar or a race dedicated machine, TEIN has the right suspension package for you. 

Upgrade to TEIN Suspension at Vivid Racing

If you are in pursuit of the ultimate driving experience, it may be time to swap out your vehicle’s suspension with TEIN. Their products are proof that you can have both form and function without having to break your bank. To know more about TEIN, visit vivid Racing as we carry a long list of TEIN products from coilovers and electronic lowering kits to shocks and struts. They cater to most vehicle makes and model today. If you have any questions regarding which parts are right for you, contact our sales team at (480) 966-3040.