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Who Is S&S Cycles?

S&S Cycles is a company that offers premium high-performance solutions for Harley-Davidson and other v-twin motorcycles. It was founded in 1958 has become the most respected name in the V-twin high-performance aftermarket. They offer a product line that includes engine components, exhaust and fuel systems, engine upgrade kits, and complete engines.

You Need The Right Tools To Do The Job

They offer lightweight aluminum solid lifter pushrod kits for 61” and 74" Knuckle and Panhead Big Twins.  S&S heavily invests in the latest and most advanced machines to create the best products in the market today.

Products That Produce World Records

The company has always pushed the boundaries of motorcycle performance. Because of it, they can create products that produce land speed records in the salt flats where machines are tested to their optimum limits. Their experience participating in these events allowed them to gather critical data to apply to all their products.

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If you are in the market for performance products for your motorcycles, then look no further as S&S Cycles has got you covered. They have all the parts you need to make your V-twin faster and more enjoyable to ride. To know more about S&S Cycles and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.