Sniper EFI

The company Holley introduced a new category called the Sniper EFI. A reasonably priced product enables customers to take advantage of EFI while still having enough money to finish or upgrade the rest of their bikes. It is ideal for street rods, muscle cars, off-road trucks, and any carbureted vehicle. Cold starts, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding are no longer an issue. It's excellent for any car in standard with a 2300 Holley Flange, including some Fairlanes, Galaxies, Falcons, Comets, F100s, Javelins, Rebels, Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Cougars, and more. The best thing is its affordable price range because it allows one to benefit from EFI while still having money left over to finish or enhance their ride. It can also be easily converted to a 4bbl intake with a square flange or Q-jet flange using a Mr. Gasket adapter.


The Sniper EFI tuning kits have dual Pattern bolt-on carburetor replacement and are designed to fit 4150 Flange & Spread Bore manifolds. There are no added boxes to escalate with throttle body-mounted ECU. It can support up to 650hp with Four 100 Lb/Hr. Only four wiring connections are needed by the injectors. The regulator for the internal fuel pressure removes any hassle of installing an external fuel pressure regulator.

Product Line

The product line of Sniper EFI includes Sniper EFI 4BBL, Sniper EFI STEALTH 4500, Sniper EFI STEALTH 4150, Sniper EFI QUADRAJET, Sniper EFI 2300 2BBL, Sniper EFI BBD FOR JEEP CJ, Sniper EFI 2GC, Sniper EFI AUTOLITE 1100 ONE BARREL, complete system kits, full tanks, and sniper hyperspark ignition.


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