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Having a good car speaker system is of the utmost importance. You spend so much time in your vehicle, and you deserve to listen to your favorite music being played through crisp, high-quality speakers. Most OEM car speakers are cheap and low quality, so anyone serious about music should upgrade to aftermarket speakers. One of the best car stereo brands on the market is Rockford Fosgate, and Rockford Fosgate speakers have an established reputation for delivering consistently great sound quality at an affordable price.

What is Rockford Fosgate?

Rockford Fosgate was initially conceptualized back in 1973. Jim Fosgate, the company's founder, was working in his garage in Arizona, USA, when he stumbled upon a realization that the ears have different properties when it comes to hearing audio. He then found a solution called the frequency energizer, which would later be the backbone of all Rockford Fosgate speakers and other types of products. Today, they have become the leader when it comes to audio equipment and has been highly sought after by audiophiles everywhere in the world.

What Separates Rockford Fosgate Speakers From the Competition?

There are literally hundreds of different car speaker and stereo system brands to choose from, so why go with Rockford Fosgate? Below are some of the main factors that make Rockford Fosgate speakers special.

  • Built Out of Passion

    Rockford Fosgate was built by people who share the same love for sounds and understand what it takes to create a product that would satisfy an audiophiles' desire. They relish the bliss that comes with perfect sound quality and do everything possible to give their customers a superior car speaker system experience.

  • Advanced Technology

    Rockford Fosgate has created some of the most advanced audio technology available in the market today. They have been consistently introducing innovative features in their products and revolutionized the way audio equipment is made. If you want cutting-edge innovation in your car speakers, you need to get Rockford speakers.

  • All About Human Experience

    The company remains true to its tradition of giving people that memorable experience when listening to sounds. This is what the initial founder has intended. Mr. Fosgate is passionate about music and has never stopped finding ways to combine his passion with technology.

One of the most popular modifications for UTVs is a proper sound system. Being able to jam out to your favorite or your passenger’s favorite songs makes the experience a whole lot more fun. If you’ve ever looked into car audio, then you’ve probably heard of Rockford Fosgate.

They’re known for their extremely high quality, crisp and clean speakers. In the past, Rockford Fosgate was not available through Vivid Racing, but now it is. Vivid Racing is already one of the most popular names in the UTV market, so it was only a matter of time.

These Rockford Fosgate products range from head units designed for specific UTVs, small speakers, big speakers, full speaker kits, subwoofer kits, and wiring kits. Their products cover a variety of Polaris, Can-Am, and Yamaha UTVs. If you want big sound, you can go for their large kits which include multiple speakers, an amp, and generally include a subwoofer.

If you want something simple and small, you go for their little kits. The choice is yours.

Stage 1 and 2 Systems for UTV

Although Rockford Fosgate sells individual components, it’s much easier to buy a pre-made package that simplifies the entire installation process. For UTV owners who want a basic and affordable system, the Stage 1 and Stage 2 systems are the perfect solution.

The Stage 1 system provides just the stereo, a simple dash kit, and the necessary wiring to hook the system up. This system requires you to source speakers separately, which is fine if you already have some speakers to hook up to the system.

The Stage 2 system is the do-it-all budget system. On top of the head unit, dash kit, and wiring, the Stage 2 system includes a basic speaker setup. Their Stage 2 systems are the perfect way to get a fully functioning audio setup in your UTV, without breaking the bank or dealing with complicated wiring. Everything you need is included, and it’s all very easy to install.

Both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 systems provide great value and they are a must for anyone who wants a high-quality sound system without breaking the bank. For those who want more sound at a slightly higher price, the Stage 3, 4, and 5 systems are the next level up.

Stage 3, 4, and 5 Systems for UTV

Stages 3, 4, and 5 offer everything from Stage 2 but with additional speakers and subwoofers. A subwoofer is a great way to improve the sound system of your UTV because traditional speakers cannot move enough air for you to feel (and hear) low-frequency sound waves.

Stage 4 takes it a step further by adding a second set of speakers, improving the sound quality of the entire cabin of your UTV. This is especially important for four-seater UTVs where the rear passengers can’t properly hear the audio from the front speaker. Stage 5 takes this one step further by adding even more speakers.

Why Upgrade Your UTV Stereo?

The reason for upgrading your UTV sound system is simply: your UTV probably doesn’t have one. Even if your UTV does have some sort of OEM sound system, it’s built to a low cost and probably offers terrible sound quality. UTVs are built at a very low cost and manufacturers have to use cheap components when building them.

Of course, a sound system isn’t a performance modification and isn’t vital to the function of the vehicle, but driving is always more fun with good music. Plus, if you like to bring passengers on your off-road adventures, music is a great way to improve the experience for everyone!

Why Pick Rockford Fosgate?

There are a lot of sound system companies on the aftermarket, why pick Rockford Fosgate? There are lots of reasons to pick Rockford Fosgate, but it ultimately comes down to build quality, pricing, and sound quality.

Since their inception, Rockford Fosgate has been leading the aftermarket with innovation, design, and engineering. They’ve constantly raised the bar and set new standards for the entire aftermarket to strive for.

Decades of knowledge allow them to develop hardware that offers superb sound quality while also being incredibly durable. There is no sense in having high-quality speakers if they can’t withstand the abuse of off-road driving.

Rockford Fosgate is able to wrap up all their high-quality hardware and advanced engineering into a relatively affordable package. They perfectly balance build quality, sound quality, and pricing, so you get the best audio equipment at the best price.

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If you want to experience quality music while you travel, then Rockford Fosgate has the right products for you. No matter what your car audio needs are, they have you covered, producing high-0quality speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and more. Vivid Racing is a proud supplier of Rockford Fosgate car stereo systems, giving our customers access to the best speakers at an affordable price. If you are interested in taking your car stereo system to the next level, contact Vivid Racing today by calling 1 (480) 996-3040.