Who is Revolution Gear?

It is often that people only care about how to make their vehicles look good. But it is equally important to take care of other vehicle essentials such as its drivetrain. A few companies specialize in producing parts for these, and Revolution Gear is one of them. 

Revolution Gear started way back in 2012. The company is best known for manufacturing aftermarket differential products for various automotive vehicles. They have provided high-quality parts and excellent customer service throughout the years that they have become a trusted brand in the industry.

Industry Leader

The company has proven itself to provide the best product in the market today. It has been tried and tested to withstand tough conditions, making it suitable for vehicles that always need to stay on the road. Their products are also offered at affordable prices. Hence, they have been the brand of choice of multiple car owners everywhere.

Quality Product

All of the Revolution Gear products are manufactured to meet the customers' expectations. When it comes to differential and gears, having a precision component is a must. In order for Revolution Gear to achieve this, they use high-quality materials and are manufactured within the required specification, ensuring a perfect fit.  

Due to its top quality, they have served as a direct aftermarket parts replacement with durability matching or exceeding its Original Equipment counterpart.

Complete Package

The company offers a long list of products, which include differential repair kits, axles, ring and pinion, spider gears, U-joints, differential covers, overhauling kits, and more. 

Rebuilding a differential is now easy thanks to companies like Revolution Gear.

Purchase Revolution Gear at Vivid Racing

If you are in need of replacement parts for your differential that would be able to perform well as the original, then Revolution Gear is the brand for you. Chosen by most fleet companies as a supplier of their parts, they are a brand that you could trust. Revolution Gear ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy, giving you that peace of mind wherever you are. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of parts that would fit your specific needs.