The Premier Tuning Group was created in the spring of 2018, and its first goods were released in the winter of that year. This has been a lifelong endeavor. The brand is the outcome of Steve's efforts to resolve issues he encountered while tweaking and customizing. Steve began with fundamental categories and concentrated on establishing function and shape. He paid close attention to relevant aspects and only worked with the best partners. They developed their own hardware and software, and their workforce consists of members from all across the world. Every day, they are there at their Los Angeles production facility to oversee the manufacturing process. With more than two decades of experience in automotive engineering, they are the industry leaders in Mercedes-Benz performance. Their innovations span the entire vehicle, from in-house designed OBD tuning solutions to complete turbocharger and engine design and production. Due to their exclusive ability to manipulate the AMG's electronics and hardware, they are able to exert industry-leading control over the vehicle's performance. Through their software and hardware initiatives, they are able to provide industry-leading delivery and lead-times at the most competitive pricing for both individual businesses and customers worldwide. Their reach with just the best partners enables customers to enjoy the finest quality parts for the duration of their vehicles' lifetimes.


Premier Tuning Group seeks to establish long-lasting connections with their clients, which distinguishes them from the competition. Premier Tuning Group's engineers have designed the strongest and lightest carbon fiber materials for your vehicle's intake system. They chose the identical carbon material that complements your AMG's engine compartment and exterior. They are happy to offer the largest and finest airboxes for your AMG with an M177 engine. These satin-finished carbon airboxes are a zero-restriction intake system with substantial gains on vehicles ranging from stock to their PTG-X 1,300HP package. They are designed using 3D scan technology and produced entirely from aerospace-grade "prepreg" carbon fiber and hard anodized billet aluminum. They discovered that a panel-style filter that is 50% larger than the stock filter provides faster spool speeds and more laminar air flow than a cone-style filter during testing. These airboxes were developed with consideration of both form and function. With a tune and downpipe, you can gain up to 100 horsepower, and with the PTG-1000, you can gain up to 150 horsepower. In addition, the OEM-level methodology is used on all of their products, including their most recent release, the M177.2 PTG Carbon Airbox System. This lightweight airbox, which are molded perfectly around the engine, provides significant power improvements from stock to heavily customized vehicles in a matter of minutes. The airbox is a real cold air intake that integrates a direct airflow path into the turbochargers with a nearly doubled filter surface area compared to stock and 3-inch inlets into the turbochargers. This airbox system is compatible with both PTG and OEM turbos, and they are delighted to offer only the finest to their customers.

Moreover, with Verstand, their in-house-created tuning suite, it has never been easier to tune your AMG. With greater support for your Mercedes than almost any tool and an unrivalled tuning service, the adaptability of Verstand has provided many customers with the finest tune available. It allows their customers to tune ECU's, TCU's, and CPC's, read/clear upgraded Mercedes DTC's, update entire firmware versions, exhaust flaps, code fuel injectors, and airbox versions, and tune ECU's, TCU's, and CPC's. Now, a single tool can perform all tasks.


Their product line features forced induction systems, ECU tuning, blow-off valve kits, axles, differentials, clutches, carbon air intakes, filters, cooling system upgrades, exhaust upgrades, engines, methanol injection kits, OEM parts, turbo accessories and many more.


The product line of Premier Tuning Group in Vivid Racing includes the carbon air inlet and the TCU tune calibration.