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Who is Mansory?

Founded in 1989, Mansory was the brainchild of its owner Kourosh Mansory which came out because of his passion with British luxury cars and their style. Being in the league, Mansory provided aftermarket parts for luxury brands such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari. 

The company has also evolved in developing tuning and accessory packages for other brands such as Porsche, Range Rover and BMW.

Quality at its Finest

Mansory has been known to produce high-quality products that match the craftsmanship of the high-end vehicles it is catering to. From its luxurious interior accessories and accents to its stylish but equally functional aero packages, Mansory has all bases covered.

Only For the Best 

Mansory has raised the bars in terms of vehicle modification. The company had no expense spared when developing their design. Using high-quality exotic materials such as carbon fibers and special alloys, it allows Mansory to create products worth installing in a multi-million dollar worth of vehicles. All pieces are made by master craftsmen in their field to ensure that they would only get the best end product.

Mansory offers a variety of accessories from interior pieces, wheels, armoring or complete aftermarket packages which include specially built body kits, engine upgrades, interior setups and more. 

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