Who Is King Shocks?

Factory shocks are designed to be comfortable and give you the best riding experience during your daily commute. But as you try to push the limits of your vehicle so is the need for a shock that would be able to handle the punishment. Many companies offer a shock absorber that looks good but when it comes to racing, looking nice just won’t cut it. It has to perform as well as it looks and this is what King Shocks provides.

Designed For Performance

King Shocks is known as a shocks absorber manufacturer intended to be used for professional racing. In addition, they offer performance parts for utility vehicles and OEM replacement parts.

During the 80s, top-level racers were in dire need of a shock absorber that could perform well during races. Options back then for quality high-performance shocks are very limited. Drivers were pushing their vehicles to the limit, which usually resulted in the shocks failing prematurely. Lance King originally drew the design during this time which later on became the foundation of King Shocks that officially opened in 1996.

Today, King Shocks has become one of the go-to brands when it comes to aftermarket shocks for high-performance applications and is currently being used by multiple racers everywhere.

A Shock for Everything

The original 3” shock design is still being utilized today, but as the company continues to grow, so is their product line. King Shocks have continuously improved itself by using better materials and adapting their design to the customer’s specific needs. 

The company is known for building custom shocks depending on the customer’s requirement. You can either choose the kind of tube construction, the shaft diameters, and even the shock travel lengths. These give the customers the ability to precisely control their shocks, allowing them to have the specific shock feedback they require. 

The ability to fully customize your shocks to your own liking is the reason why many enthusiasts trust King Shocks. This has become the brand of choice of many top racers in the different racing disciplines.

Tried and Tested

All King Shocks products have been tried and tested, off and on the race track. Real-world testing enables the company to design the shocks to take the level of abuse and destructive forces that are hard to replicate inside a laboratory. This allows them to monitor and take note of other external factors that may affect their shock’s performance.

All the shocks are tested using an electro-magnetic shock dyno. It subjects the shock to a test wherein the products are forced to move at a speed of 120 inches per second. That is basically more abuse compared to what you can do to it while driving. 

Purchase King Shocks at Vivid Racing

King Shocks offer a variety of suspension parts, from coil-overs, bump stops, tools and other racing equipment. The majority of their products are bolt-on kits which means you can easily install their product with the use of a single hand tool. To know more about King Shocks and what they can offer, you can visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of King Shocks' performance parts. Feel the difference and use King Shocks products on your vehicle.