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Who is HKS?

HKS Co. Ltd is an aftermarket automotive company based in Fujinomiya, Japan. The company specializes in creating high-performance parts designed for Japanese made vehicles. It was founded back in 1973 by Hiroyuki Hasegawa who used to work with Yamaha Motor Company, along with his partner Goichi Kitagawa and was financed by Sigma Automotive. The initials of the three were used to create the brand HKS.

The company has its humble beginnings in a small shed at the foot of Mount Fuji, catering to gasoline-powered engines used for farming. In 1974, they were the first company to introduce a turbocharger for commercial vehicles and was a hit, especially for those Japanese tuners who wanted more out of their vehicles. Today, HKS has become the brand everyone knows about when it comes to performance adders and has expanded its reach worldwide.

Everything You Need to Go Fast

HKS is the leading aftermarket brand worldwide and offers different products that help increase your vehicle’s overall performance. The company offers turbochargers, which is the core of their company, connecting rods, Camshafts, Blow off valves, boost controllers, and more. We offer some of HKS's most popular product lines such as their Hi-Power exhaust systems, SQV4 BOV, and more!  

Race Bred Technology

The company has been actively participating in different motorsport events such as drag racing, Time attack challenges, Japan Grand Touring Car (JGTC), D1 Grand Prix, and even Superbike racing. They have a factory-backed in-house racing team that has helped increase the brand’s popularity.

Purchase HKS Product at Vivid Racing

If you have been in the automotive scene for years or just getting into it, you might have heard of the brand HKS. It is a product everyone desires due to the quality that has been consistent all throughout the years. With race-proven products that set world records, you will never go wrong with HKS. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list that would fit in your vehicle.