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You recognize the light at the tunnel end? You could be that light! To assist you to get back on the road easily, we deliver fresh new headlights or updated aftermarket headlights that add style to your front face. From LED spare headlights to sealed beam headlights, there's something out there for every car and truck. Shopping of make and model-specific choices out there is simpler than ever. Headlights were never cheaper to purchase. Keep out of the night with top-quality Vivid Racing aftermarket headlights.

Vivid Racing carries the top stars on new headlights and you know that the best quality on the market is the one you get. Companies like Spyder are known for being the global leader in headlights for the aftermarket. They have hundreds of different makes and models of products. Anzo is the ruler in the field of headlight replacement. They deliver elegant, trendy headlights that suit your car or truck in flush. KC is the number one name for off-road headlights. Also for their world-famous rounded light design, they offer led replacement aftermarket headlights.

Thanks to Vivid Racing, having your headlights upgraded has never been easier. Whether that's an OEM replacement or an aftermarket modification, it's very simple and uncomplicated when figuring out what suits you and your car. Only pick, and model your build and see what choices you can choose from. No splicing or cutting of wire is needed with the direct-fit installation. You can get the latest trendy headlights in minutes!

The body architecture integrates modern composite headlights for better aesthetics and aerodynamics. They give manufacturers the freedom, if desired, to provide turn signals/parking/running lights in the headlight accommodation and to use various types of lighting including LEDs, projector beams, halos, etc. Even worse, the plastic lenses on these lights disintegrate with the years and miles, becoming scraped away from road debris, and the sun and the elements become discolored, hazy and opaque.

Vivid Racing Headlights Selections

  • AlphaRex USA
  • Automotive Lighting
  • KC Hilites
  • Oracle Lighting
  • Race Sport Lighting
  • Recon Truck Accessories
  • Spyder Auto
  • Westin Automotive
  • And many more. Use the brand selection in the left section of the page

There are at least 4 common varieties of aftermarket headlights. They are the halogen, LED, Xenon/HID, and laser. If you've already wondered what kind of headlight bulb you want, here's a fast and easy reference to help you pick the right one for your automobile:

Halogen Headlights

When you're opening up 90% of car lights on the road today, you'll find a headlight halogen bulb. The technology is not fresh but has been streamlined to where it is now as far as possible. Halogen lights are a type of light bulb that uses a tungsten filament with a tiny portion of halogen gas. Many modern light bulbs use argon instead. Like their predecessor, these bulbs contain a filament that burns and emits light. What makes them different is the mix of gases that surround the filament, which allows them to burn brighter and longer without blackening the inside of the bulb.


With these lamps, the production cost is smaller than other alternatives. Which means replacements can be purchased at a good price. They are lightweight, dimmable, easy to furnish, and can be replaced for too long without taking your car out of service.

LED Headlights

LED Headlights work to the halogen bulbs in a totally different way. LEDs work by passing a current through a semiconductor as opposed to halogens that have a filament. This electronics movement through a semiconductor releases photons, giving light. The LEDs are much more powerful than the halogen lamps. While they produce a certain amount of heat, this is nowhere near as many as halogens. Nevertheless, lifetime is connected to the steady operating temperature of the bulbs, in a similar way to halogens. By maintaining the operating temperature of the LEDs in a stable location, they can operate forever, so manufacturers guarantee an operating time of 20,000 + hours.


LED bulbs have small semiconductors that can be designed to suit tight spaces. It enables manufacturers to develop sleeker headlight designs and allows for greater versatility in the design of other assembly elements, such as turn signal lights.

XENON/HID Headlights

Xenon is a gas that is used in HID lights (high-intensity discharge). These headlights vary significantly from standard halogen bulbs and therefore are not going to work in a standard headlight connector. You will find bulbs on the market attempting to imitate the light color produced because these are not xenon bulbs. HID lights deliver up to 90% better light emission than halogen bulbs, allowing you to better see the road ahead. These do vary a lot from what most drivers are used to in their vehicles, however.


HID headlights release light in a bluish-white shade that lets it light up for longer distances. The light these bulbs release scattering compared with yellow lights, so they significantly boost visibility down the lane.

Laser Headlights

Laser headlamps are a recent advancement in automotive lighting. Through the process of chemiluminescence, these lights illuminate, meaning that they produce light by triggering a chemical process. Laser beams are fired into a chamber that allows the inside glow of the phosphorus gas. All you see is the light coming from the gas in front of your car, and not the laser beams themselves.


Laser headlights are more effective than LED bulbs. They can generate 1,000x the amount of light for half the power generated by the LEDs. They are also 10x smaller than the latter, allowing producers to build a shallower assembly. These have been far-reaching, have strong validity and they can also be easily switched on/off.

Headlights aren't only a bright stylish accessory, it's a necessity for safety. Keep you and other drivers safe with replacement headlights. Turn your car into a futuristic machine with LED conversions. Keep your horizon bright with high-quality headlights from Vivid Racing. Still, stuck in the dark? Read up on the countless reviews let on Vivid Racing.

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