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Who is GKN Loebro?

GKN is a company that provides driveline components for different vehicle platforms worldwide. The company started in 1930, producing parts for the military and their vehicles, including spitfires and tanks. 

They then shifted to making automobile parts in the 1950s and became a supplier for Jaguar. With more than 70 years of experience, they were able to place key technologies in their production paving the way for GKN to be the world leader in supplying vehicle drivelines.

Revolutionizing the Industry

GKN has played a significant role in shaping the way automobiles are made today. In the 1960s, the company started making constant velocity joints. CV joints revolutionized the industry as it has allowed the manufacturing of front-wheel-drive vehicles, which is the most common vehicle setup today. They have produced this joint for one of the most iconic vehicles known, the Mini.

Global Expansion

GKN has grown to be the top company for supplying high-quality parts. They now have factories placed in different parts of the world. With 54 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries, the country is continuously growing to meet the increasing demand of its clients.

Pioneering Not Only in the Past but the Future as Well

With a history of creating the first product of its kind, GKN has its eyes on the future as it has started the research and development for electric vehicles. 

Today, more and more companies are creating electric vehicles for the future, and GKN has already had its fully integrated AWD and eDrive system. With the numbers of electric vehicles set to increase, GKN is ready for the future.

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