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Who is Ford Racing?

Ford Racing was founded in 1901 and is the high-performance division of Ford Motor Company that specializes in performance upgrades for their vehicle lineup. It was also the name used for all of its factory-backed motorsport activity. 

Today, the company has changed the name to Ford Performance but had kept that tradition of providing the highest quality of products.

Racing Heritage

Ford Racing has been actively participating in motorsport racing since the 1900s. They have used this to promote their brand and show the people what their vehicles can do when it comes to performance. 

Over the years of racing, they have produced many race winners and track records at the time, but their most memorable success was when they beat Ferrari at their own game during the Lemans 24 hrs race. The event was so successful, that they turned it into a blockbuster.

Performance and Quality in Every Product

Each Ford Racing product is designed to produce the highest performance possible. Being able to work with one of the largest automotive companies in the world has given Ford Racing access to large resources. Their ability to have access to the actual blueprint of the vehicle they are working on allows them to create products that would maximize their full potential.

With state-of-the-art technologies, an army of engineers, and the best design team, they have all the tools other companies could only dream of. This ensures that the company only produces the best.

Purchase Ford Racing Products at Vivid Racing

Given its current stature, Ford would never attach its brand name to a product if it does not meet their high-quality standard. Ford Racing products are built alongside Ford vehicles, making it a direct fit to the stock factory location. They offer performance products ranging from internal engine components, exhaust systems, and more.

If you want to upgrade your Ford, then what better brand can you trust than Ford Racing. Built by Ford for Ford. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products specifically for your requirements.