Who is Felpro?

Felpro is an American based company that started back in 1918 in a tiny warehouse in Chicago. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality gaskets for the automotive industry. When the company started, their goal is to create gaskets that can be easily installed and provide a leak-free seal. Fast forward 100 years, Felpro has become the leading gasket manufacturer in the world and is used by thousands of vehicles worldwide.

100 Years Of Existence

With a century of experience under their belts, the company still pushes itself in finding innovative ways to further improve their products. By using new materials and advanced manufacturing technology, they are able to improve their parts. This allows them to continuously adapt to fast-changing technological advancement of modern vehicles.

Wide Range Of Products

Felpro offers one of the most comprehensive lines of sealing solution in the market. They have gaskets for every vehicle part imaginable and every vehicle make and model made. They have air cleaner gaskets, cylinder head gaskets, axle gaskets, oil pan gaskets and more. This is why they earned the reputation as the gasket brand that professionals trust.

Purchase Felpro At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for a sealing solution that you can rely on, then Felpro is the brand for you. You cannot discredit their 100 years worth of experience. If there is a company that you would put your trust in, Felpro is the one. To know more about them, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific need.