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About AL13

Founded in 2012, AL13 is a luxury forged wheel company, based out of Los Angeles, California, that manufactures all of its products in-house. The company's goal is simple: to offer customers the best possible wheels in terms of design, quality, and performance while providing unparalleled service. The AL13 team is made up of automotive enthusiasts who have an extensive background in various fields of the auto industry that have come together to see this mission through. By developing all of its wheels in-house, AL13 is able to oversee each and every intricate detail of the production process, which proves to be a key element in maintaining a high level of quality. AL13 promises an exceptional customer experience and is a firm believer that its products speak for themselves. Trust AL13 to provide you with a truly unique product that will take your car to the next level and set it apart from the rest

Quality and Performance You Can Trust

AL13 is defined by the quality, detail, and care they put into every wheel they craft. These elements let them combine their passions with yours to create an incredible luxury product that enhances the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle. AL13 puts supreme attention to the details of every wheel it produces. Its passion and craftsmanship allow the company to create for you an extremely luxury product that boosts the operation and adds to the aesthetics of your vehicle. Understanding the significance of wheel finishes as well, AL13 uses innovative electro-coating technology and performs strict quality control. Crafted by experts in their field with workmanship, the company?s wheels feature second-to-none finishes. You can find on offer a broad variety of colors ranging from gloss polished, brushed, and stone to satin polished, brushed, and stone shades

AL13 monoblock wheels feature a 1-piece monocular configuration. Fabricated from top-grade 6061 T6 forged aluminum, they are durable yet at the same time lightweight. The wheels feature an elongated spoke design, deep concave profile, and spoke end refining. The company also provides a range of multi-piece wheels. For instance, its Duo Block wheels present the golden mean between a monoblock and 3-piece construction. Looking like 1-piece wheels, these wheels also allow a wide range of width options with the use of modular inner rim halves. AL13 provides superior wheels with a 3-piece construction as well. These wheels feature milled back-side pocketing for unsprung mass reduction, as well as enhanced cornering dynamics, acceleration, and stopping power. AL13 is also distinguished for Dymag wheels with a carbon fiber barrel and titanium hardware resulting in upgraded speed performance and stopping power

AL13 offers a wide assortment of progressive designs to reflect the personality of the owner. The company's broad selection of tailor-made wheels delivers a combination of style, performance, and functionality to several different vehicles makes and models. All AL13 wheels are developed and manufactured with a focus on weight reduction, durability, and modern styling for exotic, luxury, and performance cars as well as sport-utility vehicles. What's more, AL13 is proud to offer standard, transparent, and brushed transparent finishes with gloss, matte, satin, and textured options too

Why You Should Purchase AL13 at Vivid Racing

Regardless of what styles or sizes you're interested in, the one thing you can depend on to come up with every product order is the best buying experience in the business. From fitment help from our in-house wheel experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your order every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in buying these products, and in return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none

At Vivid Racing, we simply love cars. Cars are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us. Vivid Racing ensures that they meet the customer?s expectations in terms of quality, size, and strength

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