What is Burger Motorsports?

Based in Simi Valley, California, Burger Motorsports is the manufacturer behind the world-renowned JB4 performance tuner. The company has been pioneering performance tuning, custom exhaust tips, intakes, and other mods for street-inspired race cars since 2007. Its product lineup covers several vehicles including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Infiniti, Kia, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, and more! Whether you are looking for a plug-and-play tuning solutions or simply switch up the look of your car’s exhaust, Burger Motorsports has what you need.

Burger Motorsports can make any car track-ready and track-competitive. The brand is internationally recognized for taking turbo BMWs to the next level with its specially designed tuners for the N55 turbo. Its Stage 1 tuners can automatically determine whether your BMW has an N20, N55, or S55 turbocharged engine.

What Does Burger Motorsports Offer?

Apart from tuners, Burger Motorsports also designs and manufactures air intakes, catch cans, and exhaust tips. Its N55 air intake has been proven to outperform all other options on the dyno with gains of up to 10 horsepower to the wheels. Burger’s vehicle-specific intakes are super simple to install and yield impressive power gains due to their high-flow ducting and performance filters. 

BMS’ oil catch cans are designed to counteract the common oil control problems that several turbo motors suffer. Using 100 percent CNC machining and zero weldings for a precise fit, Burger’s catch cans are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your car. They are also really simple to install thanks to their removable bottom and built-in plug that allows for easier draining during oil changes.

Burger Motorsports also features a wide array of custom exhaust tips in different colors that range from heat-treated blue to matte black. These tips will subtly transform the look of your car’s rear while giving it a more aggressive appearance. BMS exhaust tips all utilize a pressure-based clip similar to the OEM ones for an easy installation and removal process that does not require any unappealing clamps or screws. 

Experience JB4 With Burger Motorsports

As aforementioned, Burger Motorsports is best known for its lineup of plug-and-play JB4 tuners. These tuners install between your car’s sensor and DME/ECU in order to heighten the performance and tuning ability of the turbocharged engine. 

JB4 tuners are unique in that they include CANbus, fuel & spark control, BlueTooth to your smartphone, and include a variety of advanced features that are not possible with any other system. Furthermore, BMS regularly releases free mapping and firmware updates that add more features and performance. The JB4 system is not VIN locked to a specific vehicle and can, therefore, be removed quickly and swapped in other cars without issue.

Upgrade with Burger Motorsports Today

While the JB4 if often imitated, it remains the gold standard when it comes to plug-and-play turbocharged tuning. If you are looking and ready to upgrade your car’s performance, then look no further than BMS.

Vivid Racing carries a wide array of BMS products, which includes air filters, cold air intakes, ECU flashing, intercooler pipes, strut bars, lug nuts, wheel spacers, and complete tuning box kits. If you have any questions regarding the products above, please call Vivid Racing’s specialized parts team at (480) 966-3040.