Who is Ate Brakes?

ATE Brakes was started by Alfred Teves in 1906. The company specializes in the manufacturing of a braking system for the automotive industry. During its earlier days, it has partnered with major companies such as Audi, Wanderer, and Hansa. After the first world war, the company started making a name for itself and became the choice of multiple workshops and companies.

Pioneering Technological Advancement

ATE has always been at the forefront when it comes to creating a braking system. Their braking system was used by the first car to have a hydraulic braking system in the continent. 

In an era where the mechanical brake is the norm, ATE developed a top-quality hydraulic system that is better performing. Hence it was chosen by Daimler-Benz for their race cars during the 1930s. 

Even up to this day, they have continuously innovated itself by finding a better way to improve the braking system. With today's cars going faster, it is a must that the brakes would cope with it.

The Choice of Race Champions

ATE has always proven to continually improve and push the boundaries of how braking systems could perform at its optimum. Because of this, they were the brand of choice by multiple race teams. Some of the companies were Ford, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW for their M1 race cars, to name a few.

Tested for Safety

All their products are tested to surpass the required safety standard. It has been certified by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and has undergone various testing procedures. This is on top of their in-house testing procedure, making their product top quality and safe for the consumers.

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 With over 100 years in experience plus the numerous vehicles using ATE Brakes, they are definitely a brand you can trust. With various brake parts ranging from calipers, brake pads, rotors, brake fluids, and more, they have you covered. Visit Vivid Racing to check out the list of parts specifically for your needs.