About ARC Wheels

ARC Wheels are one of a renowned manufacturer of high-quality luxury and custom wheels. ARC Wheels have provided custom wheel buyers with tasteful styles and light, durable architecture. Their high-quality wheels are lightweight and durable, and they are made with precision with cutting-edge technology to ensure that they run smoothly on luxury automobiles and SUVs. Due to their sleek and contemporary design, ARC Wheels are a suitable choice for today's high-end coupes, sedans, and crossovers.

History of ARC Wheels

ARC Wheels, is one of the oldest rim manufacturers on the market, specializing in luxury wheels for automobiles. Their wheels fit in with car brands such from BMW, Honda, Acura, to Audi wheels. They have one of the largest collections of wheels available.

ARC Wheels Design

from engineering to design and manufacture, ARC Wheels has been reshaping the landscape of modern luxury wheel craftsmanship since years. Throughout the years, their classic aftermarket wheel designs have maintained their position atop the wheel industry's leader board. With over a million automobiles on the road that are equipped with ARC Wheels, they are one of the best and most well-known industries worldwide. This is because the wheels are made of high quality that gives out maximum strength and reduce tire deflection in cornering.

ARC Wheels Production

ARC Wheels places a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of their products. It places a high value on the time and effort that goes into designing and manufacturing items that are both creative and aesthetic in look. In addition, ARC Wheels has risen to the top of their business because of their dedication to giving the best possible service to consumers.

Vivid Racing- ARC Wheels

Due to their high demand and quality in the market, Vivid Racing includes ARC Wheels for different models in several sizes and colors.