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Who is Ansa?

Founded in Italy, the company started as a performance exhaust builder for Ferrari and was recognized for the quality of its craftsmanship. Building parts for these exquisite cars meant that the product they produce should be better, if not equal, to these vehicle's high standards. Ansa has successfully managed to create such products, and soon after, they became the go-to aftermarket performance exhaust builder of other exotic sports cars.  

It opened its doors in the US back in the 70s. Since then, the brand has been considered one of the world's largest exhaust manufacturers and is sought after by different enthusiasts.

With their business now continuously growing, they have expanded themselves in producing both performance exhaust and replacement exhaust parts for a larger variety of import model vehicles. This includes sedans and trucks. 

Quality in Each Product

Thanks to the company's vision of providing quality products, Ansa Exhaust is considered a superior replacement option for your OE exhaust. They have retained the same quality of craftsmanship they were known for. Their exhaust kits are made up of high-quality polished stainless steel and an aluminized exhaust system. Not only does it give your vehicle that added horsepower, but it also gives it a more distinct throaty sound. 

Fits Like a Glove

Ansa parts and exhaust systems are engineered to have the same, if not better, quality than its OE counterpart. It is designed to fit like the factory parts enabling the end-user to have a hassle-free installation.

Purchase Ansa Parts at Vivid Racing

If you are looking for a direct replacement for your old exhaust system, or you want to improve your car's performance, then Ansa is the brand for you. With several exhaust parts such as mufflers, catalytic converters, bolts, flanges, clamps, exhaust pipes to choose from, they have everything you need to rebuild your exhaust. 

Check out Vivid Racing to see what Ansa has in store for you and choose from a list of products suitable for your specific needs.